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March 30, 2013

Praise God! All test results normal

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Hey all,

Just wanted to update you all with some good news. Annas test were all clear and all cancer markers were non existent. In fact our doctor was so pleased with the results, that she said going forward she was recommending that no more pet scans were needed. We will go back 9 months from now for another ultrasound and check-up. So thank you all for your prayers. God is great!!

Greg T.

February 27, 2013

Annas goes in for an Ultrasound and Blood Test @ Sloan Next Tuesday

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Hey All,

Please pray for Anna as she goes in for her 9 month checkup at Sloan. They will be doing an Ultrasound and blood test. Please pray for Gods sustenance and mercy, and that all tests will come back negative for cancer. She hasn’t been feeling great the past few months, so please pray for overall healing for her body and spirit. Thank you so much for your faithfulness through the years, and Praise God for his faithfulness through out this whole trial.


January 14, 2011

Anna’s Annual Test / Check Up

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Hey Everyone,

Please be praying for Anna this upcoming week, as she goes into the City to have tests/scans done. She will have an Ultrasound and bloodwork done on Monday the 17th, and she will be Scanned (PET) on Friday the 21 st. She is currently on her low Iodine diet for these scans.  We have had an incredibly blessed year, and been fortunate to have had a break from testing and treatments. Please Pray that there is no cancer left in her body, and that no traces of cancer would be found on her Friday scan. We will meet up with our thyroid doctor the following Monday (24th) to discuss test results and where we go from here. I will update the blog on her results, when I get them. Thank you all for your support, we cherish your thoughts and prayers.


Greg & Anna

April 4, 2010

Latest Update and Test Results

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Hey Everyone. Thank you all for your prayers, we really appreciate it.

Anna had an ultrasound and some blood tests last week.  We got our results back from the ultrasound and it was very reassuring. There were a couple “Tiny” spots on the ultra sound (The doctors words not mine) that appear to be scar tissue (There was no blood flow passing through the tissue). Which means that the ultrasound was negative for cancer (Hurray!!!!). Her calcium has comeback to nearly normal levels (although in the low range) which is in itself a miracle considering she has 1 (out of 4) parathyroid that was untouched by the surgery, and one that was transplanted, but badly damaged (so basically she has 1 1/2 parathyroids working and it is sufficient for her calcium) Unfortunately her Vitamin D is insufficient. But on the bright side, she will be switching to a new pill, that she only has to take once a week (and maybe only once or twice a month in the future). This is great news considering she was taking 6 pills a day in the beginning, and now is only taking her thyroid hormone once a day and the D vitamin once a week. Her voice is at 96% normal : ( though still not all full karoaking strength as Christina and Andy can attest!!  Her pain has been a LOT better and her energy is almost back to normal.

As far as next treatments go, the Doctor said she was reassured by the ultrasound and the blood tests, and is “Hopeful” the treatment worked. But she is just being cautious since the cancer was a bit more aggressive than most thyroid cancers go (Which typically aren’t aggressive compared to most types of cancers). So continue to pray that God would sustain Anna’s body, that the radiation she received in November of last year killed every living cancer cell, and that it would never come back. Fortunately we have a bit of rest from this, and we wont have to go back for another 9 months. And then in January 2011 Anna will get another full body scan (which involves another low-iodine diet for 10 days and several back to back days of traveling into the city), to make sure there is no prescence of thyroid cancer. AGAIN, thank all of you for all of your prayers, and all of your support through this time.

Please do not stop praying for us. God is/has been really Gracious to us during this time.

We love you all very much. Thank you.

August 22, 2009

“The effectual fervent prayer…”

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“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  -  James 5:16

The last few months have pretty much been a nightmare. Not in its entirety, but overall. I have lost 12 pounds, been consumed with moments of panic and fear, and have been in limbo between wanting to be left alone, and wanted to have some one to pour out to. Many people have interceded for me in there private prayers to God, and I have felt their prayers in my bones. I have felt them lift me up out of the mud to stand tall for another day.  But this whole ordeal feels like I’m surrounding by water at all sides and the waves keep coming and coming and coming. I pray for the waves to stop, but they seem to get bigger and bigger. I pray to God and say “Lord this wave will surely kill me” and  yet they don’t stop, but them come faster. I wonder in my mind… Do I even have faith at all. Do I really trust God. I know that He Is, but is He a rewarder of those who Diligently seek him. If He is then I do not seek Him very diligently. I suddenly become obsessed with myself. Why Don’t I have enough Faith. Why Don’t I trust God enough. It stops becoming about Him, and it suddenly focuses on me. In this whole thing, I realize just How self centered I truly am.  And then I think How will God get me out of this horrible cycle, where my prayers are self focused along with my doubts. And then God Works…

Remember the verse from James. I saw it in action by two friends on separate occasions. I wont give their names. Recognition would be too shallow a blessing. Instead their blessing shall be straight from God.

The first friend called several days before Anna’s Surgery. I relayed the whole procedure and the prognosis, as I had done dozens of times before. He heard it in my voice. Despair. Fear. Doubt. He listened intently, he chose his words carefully, and he performed the will of God perfectly- He prayed for me. He lifted me up as if I was his own flesh and blood, he cried out to God for Anna and I when I had no more tears, he pleaded to God on our behalf. He was Effectual and Fervent. His prayer … availed much. I thanked him, told him I loved him and appreciated him, and felt a sense of deep peace. I hung up and proceeded to go downstairs (Anna was not home at the moment and running some last minute errands). I thought the peace I felt was the pinnacle of God’s blessing from my friends prayer. But it wasn’t. Instead as I walked to do some laundry, I instantly fell to my knees, and fresh tears fell from my eyes. Yet these were not tears of anguish, but tears of Joy. I tried to pray, to cry out to God, but what Came out was unrecognizable.  Whether it was the gift of tongues or just my inability to adequately express my gratitude to God, it was music to the angels ears. A man praising God for everything that he has, including his wife,  family and friends, even in the midst of trouble and tribulation. The real blessing of my friends prayer, was that I had clarity in the midst of my spiritual blindness. That God Who is love, Loves Anna even more than I do. That might seem basic, and might even seem conceded, but I easily forgot it in the midst of my doubt. But My friends prayer Availed much.

I am writing this post tonight, because it happened again. I have always tried to figure out why some prayers seem to move you, and why some seem to vanish in thin air. It’s pretty simple. The question becomes how fervent are these prayers. My friend and I went to hit some golf balls tonight, and like always spent more time talking than actually doing anything else. As I went to drop him off at home, he said something that struck me in such a way that my spirit wanted to breakdown to God in humble gratitude for the great friends I have. I was telling him how it was hard to see Anna go through all of this, (even though she doesn’t complain and is tougher than I will ever be) and how I couldn’t figure out what God was doing in all this. That I was praying dozens of times a day for Anna to be healed and for no more bad news from the doctors and for the most part it seemed to get worse and worse. And I kept saying “Lord be merciful, Just make my wife well, I will do anything for her to be well.” That I knew God has the right to do anything he wants, but fundamentally I know that he who comes to God for mercy shall not be denied. I told him that I was not upset with God, and he blurted out.. “I am”. In that moment My spirit broke. How is it possible that someone could plead on my behalf with so much understanding and fervency, that I could feel his passion for our friendship. And he recalled how we struggled in prayer that I would meet a Godly woman like Anna, and how he was upset that I would even have to worry about this type of thing in our second year of marriage…

And then I realized… If my friends could pray for me on my behalf like this. If they could recall the times we spent together in prayer and the parts of our lives that we shared. If they could pray with so much passion for me. How much more does Christ intercede for me. He knew me in my mothers womb. Before the foundations of the earth were established he knew I would be writing this post, and discovering the true blessing in all of this mess and chaos…


You are the blessing in my life. You are the ones that have prayed for Anna and myself. You are what I am grateful for. Your visits in the hospital. Your prayers. The prayers in public and in private. The requests to cook us meals. The quick drop off of meals. The countless cards and flower arrangements. The emails and text messages of encouragement and hope. I am blessed and strengthen in my faith because of you. Anna will recover fully and thrive because of your prayers. My only prayer is that I could one day, encourage you and bless you with as much love and sincerity as you have done for us..

I love you all very much,


July 23, 2009

Marriage is about compromise

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Even though I can Fix and design computers, I have loathed social network sites, email, and blogs. But now, Because of my undying love for my wife, I have given in and started a blog for my Anna and I. And honestly…… It’s pretty awesome. YAY. FIne, you were right honey.

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