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March 30, 2013

Praise God! All test results normal

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Hey all,

Just wanted to update you all with some good news. Annas test were all clear and all cancer markers were non existent. In fact our doctor was so pleased with the results, that she said going forward she was recommending that no more pet scans were needed. We will go back 9 months from now for another ultrasound and check-up. So thank you all for your prayers. God is great!!

Greg T.

February 27, 2013

Annas goes in for an Ultrasound and Blood Test @ Sloan Next Tuesday

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Hey All,

Please pray for Anna as she goes in for her 9 month checkup at Sloan. They will be doing an Ultrasound and blood test. Please pray for Gods sustenance and mercy, and that all tests will come back negative for cancer. She hasn’t been feeling great the past few months, so please pray for overall healing for her body and spirit. Thank you so much for your faithfulness through the years, and Praise God for his faithfulness through out this whole trial.


February 3, 2011

New Prayer Request

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Hi All,

So as you know, I have a PET scan scheduled for Friday evening.  Well, I currently have had a pretty hacking cough/cold since last Tuesday…and staying still for 30 +  minutes in a scanner isn’t exactly easy when you are hacking out a lung.  Right now, it doesn’t seem to be getting much better, even after staying home from work on Monday and taking daily sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest…so I am debating whether to reschedule my PET scan but would really just rather get it over with (and it would also be great not to feel dizzy when walking and not to be seeing stars as I cough!)… but then again, I don’t want to get there and then get in a hacking cough fit where I need to get up anyway and then go in AGAIN.

Anyway, I have 2 1/2 days to recover enough to do the test, but I should probably decide by tomorrow.


Saw the doctor today (great to have an onsite doctor…ah…pharmaceutical companies!), but although he didn’t find anything wrong, he said it would have to just work itself out……

Thanks for praying! 


February 2, 2011

Blood Test Great

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Hi All,

Heard from the doctor about my blood test that I took on the 21st.   She said the thyroglobulin is undetectable, which is good…I think it means that there is no thyroid cells left (and implicitly means no cancer growing on those non existent thyroid cells). :)



January 25, 2011

Update on Results…

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Update on my results…

THE GOOD…My ultrasound, initial blood test, and radioactive tracer CT scan all look good so far…praise God! :)   I’m not through the woods 100% yet, but this is a great hurdle to have crossed.

THE BAD…because I have a “non-standard” (ie. not garden variety) strain, the tests might be showing false positives.   :T   So I will also have to take a PET scan on Friday the 4th as another precaution.  My thyroid doctor also did not have the results of one of my blood tests, which is a pretty important one, but she felt confident enough that things were looking good enough that I could go off my low-iodine diet (which is positive — it means that I most likely will not have to get a full dose of radiation right this moment), and coming from her this is good because she’s usually a Debbie Downer (don’t get us wrong she’s a WONDERFUL doctor, just very cautious!)

AND THE UGLY…is me eating Doritoes, wings, and fries for dinner tonight. :D   On another ugly note, I’m not sure if it was nerves or what,but Greg has been throwing up all day (currently I am listening to the soundtrack of him mumbling: “I feel like garbadge”) :T  We think it might be stomach flu however, but prayers are appreciated nonetheless.
We have the rest of the dates updated and also our prayer requests page:
Thanks to all for the notes, calls, and prayers!  We really do appreciate them.

Anna & Greg

January 20, 2011

Two Days In

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Sorry for those of you who checked…I haven’t been very diligent!!

Well, Monday and Tuesday were a lot of waiting.  It was snowy as we know, but we got into the city an hour early for my ultrasound and bloodwork.  Then off to another building to the nuclear department, which despite the snow was still chock full of people!  We ended up waiting an extra 2 hours on top of being an hour early.  After MORE bloodwork (please…no more needles…:( )  and big needle in the right side of my butt, we came home.  The TSH shots make me very fatigued so of course I crashed both in the car and then took a 2 hour nap at home.

Tuesday was similar…big needle in the left side (yes, it made it very hard to sit or sleep!!) and then the mini radiation tracer pill.  Then home and another nap.

Today mostly was a loooong day catching up on work.  I know work isn’t important to most of y’all, but I still have a bug to do well…so if you remember you can pray that these days off don’t screw up my job. :)

Monday is the big day…

November 16, 2009


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Hey everyone!!
We wanted to let you know that we heard from the doctors at Sloan about the scans I got on November 2.
While it’s not really possible to know if I’m 100% cancer free, the latest report is that from the three scans I had that the radioactive iodine did seem to be taken up in only my neck & one lymph node on the left side of my neck (not showing any uptake in any other part of my body, which is one sign there is no spread and it’s a good possibility the radioactive iodine was effective).  She said she was ”pleased with the results”, so that is a good sign and because the radioactive iodine continues to work slightly for another two months, it’s probably safe to assume that it will work. :)    The PET scan (a different type of scan) also showed no evidence that there is cancer in any other place in my body.
YAY!!!  That is plenty to praise God for!!!
As for the next steps, my calcium and parathyroids haven’t returned to normal, so I will be doing a little “trial and error” as I ease off of them.  Luckily this is just local blood tests….the worst that can happen is for me to continue taking 5 pills for the rest of my life (instead of one).  : )
I will go back to Sloan in March for the next scans/check ups, so until then no more major appointments except for the calcium thing.  So hopefully this will be the last post for a while!!!  At least the last one with major news!!
For ongoing prayer requests…
1) Just a period of REST.  Greg and I have felt like it’s been a non stop batch of issues from the bed bug thing until now…we really hope that most of 2010 will be full of peace and rest.
2) My parathyroids to be returned to normal function.
3) The remaining healing in my neck.  I had a rather painful day on Friday, and am still getting intermittent pain and stiffness.  My voice is probably at 90% and my energy is at about 80%.   I also still have no feeling in a square inch of my neck.
4) Just pray nothing comes back!!!!!!!!!!
5) Hopefully Greg will gain back the 15 pounds he lost. :)
We are again so grateful for all our friends and family and we thank you for your prayers, emails, calls, and everyone’s support.  We love you!!!  Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

November 3, 2009

Long Day of Scans…

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Today was a REALLY long day.  I had 3 different scans at 30-60 minutes each, so basically I had to be completely still and not move a muscle for over an hour and a half today but NOT fall asleep, which is a task for me!!  Ironically NOT moving at all is a LOT of work.

Along with waiting in the busy waiting room, waiting for the tracer injection to spread in my body, and car time, it basically took up the entire day and I’m really, really, really emotionally exhausted.

Hopefully we’ll get results on Wednesday…and then be able to put it behind us, at least for 5 months until my next scan.

October 30, 2009

Post RAI…

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So the first thing they did yesterday was a CT scan, when I had to stay still for about 40 minutes.  I closed my eyes (since the machine was like, right against my nose anyway!!)  and after a while of course almost fell asleep!!  I started to get scared I’d like, have a nightmare and scream and sit up and bonk my head on expensive equipment, so I tried to wake myself up but unfortunately I couldn’t slap myself or shake my head like I usually do ….so I just started rapidly blinking my eyes.  Good thing the doctor wasn’t really watching me, he would have thought I was like, psycho!

The scan does seem to show that nothing has spread (though this was with the “trace” dose of iodine I got on Tues, that was 1/200 of the full dose), so thanks for the prayers!

Because of my particular strain, they gave me 200mc, which is a little more than the normal – came in 4 pills so it wasn’t bad.  I was confined to a room with one other 33-year old guy who was extremely nice and we passed the few hours having great conversation even though there were books and TV.  We talked about our significant others, culture, work, politics, family, and of course, our cancer.  I found it more refreshing than I thought it would be to talk to someone else who had been through what I had at almost exactly the same time (and with similar discovery/lump size/incision/numbness).

Right now I’m just dealing with trying to keep track of what I’m touching (honestly I know I am being OVERLY cautious, but I’m a little OCD paranoid in that sense.  Kinda reminds me of the bed bug fiasco of ‘08).   It’s also been a discipline for someone like me who only drinks one glass of water a day to drinking one every HOUR.

Keep the prayers coming…I have two scans on Monday (pray they are CLEAN!!), pray for my self discipline in drinking water and eating properly (especially harder because I have to be careful when prepping food), pray I can keep good hygiene in the house (doing ok so far, I think but hard to tell cuz you can’t see anything!!), and for my stomach to feel ok (not nauseous but a little achy/hurty).  :)

October 27, 2009

I miss cheeseburgers

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Today was the first day of treatment at Sloan.  I’ve been doing my Low-iodine diet for a week and a half now (luckily with a few days at my sisters, who cooks so yummy and healthy anyway we barely raised and eyebrow!!)  It’ s been not so bad, it’s been nice to learn that eating well can taste good too, it just takes a lot of time. :)   But I have learned to cut the back out of a chicken, make chicken stock, steam a spaghetti squash (which I will never do again because Greg practically had to shoot that thing with a bazooka to get it halved!!) and Greg made homemade pizza dough today.  Sounds easy to most of you, but to us we’re very proud!!!

Among the things I can’ t eat are any dairy, anything Red, and less meat and grains per day.  I am planning on having Cooler Ranch Doritos and McDonalds the day I am free….dreaming about that…yummm….

We spent two hours in the waiting room today, just so I could get stuck with a needle twice.  I’ve been stuck probably 30 times in the last three months with a needle, and I still can’t get used to it. : (

I’m thankful that I don’t have a chronic issue which restricts my diet (though I do plan to eat better now so that I don’t HAVE any issues…though “plan” is the operative word here…people will have to keep me accountable for this!) and also thankful hopefully soon I’ll only have to get needle pricks 2-3 times a year. :)

Tomorrow I get a mini dose of iodine and one more prick.  Wednesday is the big day!!!

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