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August 22, 2009

“The effectual fervent prayer…”

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“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  -  James 5:16

The last few months have pretty much been a nightmare. Not in its entirety, but overall. I have lost 12 pounds, been consumed with moments of panic and fear, and have been in limbo between wanting to be left alone, and wanted to have some one to pour out to. Many people have interceded for me in there private prayers to God, and I have felt their prayers in my bones. I have felt them lift me up out of the mud to stand tall for another day.  But this whole ordeal feels like I’m surrounding by water at all sides and the waves keep coming and coming and coming. I pray for the waves to stop, but they seem to get bigger and bigger. I pray to God and say “Lord this wave will surely kill me” and  yet they don’t stop, but them come faster. I wonder in my mind… Do I even have faith at all. Do I really trust God. I know that He Is, but is He a rewarder of those who Diligently seek him. If He is then I do not seek Him very diligently. I suddenly become obsessed with myself. Why Don’t I have enough Faith. Why Don’t I trust God enough. It stops becoming about Him, and it suddenly focuses on me. In this whole thing, I realize just How self centered I truly am.  And then I think How will God get me out of this horrible cycle, where my prayers are self focused along with my doubts. And then God Works…

Remember the verse from James. I saw it in action by two friends on separate occasions. I wont give their names. Recognition would be too shallow a blessing. Instead their blessing shall be straight from God.

The first friend called several days before Anna’s Surgery. I relayed the whole procedure and the prognosis, as I had done dozens of times before. He heard it in my voice. Despair. Fear. Doubt. He listened intently, he chose his words carefully, and he performed the will of God perfectly- He prayed for me. He lifted me up as if I was his own flesh and blood, he cried out to God for Anna and I when I had no more tears, he pleaded to God on our behalf. He was Effectual and Fervent. His prayer … availed much. I thanked him, told him I loved him and appreciated him, and felt a sense of deep peace. I hung up and proceeded to go downstairs (Anna was not home at the moment and running some last minute errands). I thought the peace I felt was the pinnacle of God’s blessing from my friends prayer. But it wasn’t. Instead as I walked to do some laundry, I instantly fell to my knees, and fresh tears fell from my eyes. Yet these were not tears of anguish, but tears of Joy. I tried to pray, to cry out to God, but what Came out was unrecognizable.  Whether it was the gift of tongues or just my inability to adequately express my gratitude to God, it was music to the angels ears. A man praising God for everything that he has, including his wife,  family and friends, even in the midst of trouble and tribulation. The real blessing of my friends prayer, was that I had clarity in the midst of my spiritual blindness. That God Who is love, Loves Anna even more than I do. That might seem basic, and might even seem conceded, but I easily forgot it in the midst of my doubt. But My friends prayer Availed much.

I am writing this post tonight, because it happened again. I have always tried to figure out why some prayers seem to move you, and why some seem to vanish in thin air. It’s pretty simple. The question becomes how fervent are these prayers. My friend and I went to hit some golf balls tonight, and like always spent more time talking than actually doing anything else. As I went to drop him off at home, he said something that struck me in such a way that my spirit wanted to breakdown to God in humble gratitude for the great friends I have. I was telling him how it was hard to see Anna go through all of this, (even though she doesn’t complain and is tougher than I will ever be) and how I couldn’t figure out what God was doing in all this. That I was praying dozens of times a day for Anna to be healed and for no more bad news from the doctors and for the most part it seemed to get worse and worse. And I kept saying “Lord be merciful, Just make my wife well, I will do anything for her to be well.” That I knew God has the right to do anything he wants, but fundamentally I know that he who comes to God for mercy shall not be denied. I told him that I was not upset with God, and he blurted out.. “I am”. In that moment My spirit broke. How is it possible that someone could plead on my behalf with so much understanding and fervency, that I could feel his passion for our friendship. And he recalled how we struggled in prayer that I would meet a Godly woman like Anna, and how he was upset that I would even have to worry about this type of thing in our second year of marriage…

And then I realized… If my friends could pray for me on my behalf like this. If they could recall the times we spent together in prayer and the parts of our lives that we shared. If they could pray with so much passion for me. How much more does Christ intercede for me. He knew me in my mothers womb. Before the foundations of the earth were established he knew I would be writing this post, and discovering the true blessing in all of this mess and chaos…


You are the blessing in my life. You are the ones that have prayed for Anna and myself. You are what I am grateful for. Your visits in the hospital. Your prayers. The prayers in public and in private. The requests to cook us meals. The quick drop off of meals. The countless cards and flower arrangements. The emails and text messages of encouragement and hope. I am blessed and strengthen in my faith because of you. Anna will recover fully and thrive because of your prayers. My only prayer is that I could one day, encourage you and bless you with as much love and sincerity as you have done for us..

I love you all very much,



  1. Greg you are a good person. Do not compare with other person. You are you. You are smart and kind. We love you. we all pray for GOD to help all of us to past through this difficult time.

    Comment by AL — September 4, 2009 @ 9:09 am

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