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April 4, 2010

Latest Update and Test Results

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Hey Everyone. Thank you all for your prayers, we really appreciate it.

Anna had an ultrasound and some blood tests last week.  We got our results back from the ultrasound and it was very reassuring. There were a couple “Tiny” spots on the ultra sound (The doctors words not mine) that appear to be scar tissue (There was no blood flow passing through the tissue). Which means that the ultrasound was negative for cancer (Hurray!!!!). Her calcium has comeback to nearly normal levels (although in the low range) which is in itself a miracle considering she has 1 (out of 4) parathyroid that was untouched by the surgery, and one that was transplanted, but badly damaged (so basically she has 1 1/2 parathyroids working and it is sufficient for her calcium) Unfortunately her Vitamin D is insufficient. But on the bright side, she will be switching to a new pill, that she only has to take once a week (and maybe only once or twice a month in the future). This is great news considering she was taking 6 pills a day in the beginning, and now is only taking her thyroid hormone once a day and the D vitamin once a week. Her voice is at 96% normal : ( though still not all full karoaking strength as Christina and Andy can attest!!  Her pain has been a LOT better and her energy is almost back to normal.

As far as next treatments go, the Doctor said she was reassured by the ultrasound and the blood tests, and is “Hopeful” the treatment worked. But she is just being cautious since the cancer was a bit more aggressive than most thyroid cancers go (Which typically aren’t aggressive compared to most types of cancers). So continue to pray that God would sustain Anna’s body, that the radiation she received in November of last year killed every living cancer cell, and that it would never come back. Fortunately we have a bit of rest from this, and we wont have to go back for another 9 months. And then in January 2011 Anna will get another full body scan (which involves another low-iodine diet for 10 days and several back to back days of traveling into the city), to make sure there is no prescence of thyroid cancer. AGAIN, thank all of you for all of your prayers, and all of your support through this time.

Please do not stop praying for us. God is/has been really Gracious to us during this time.

We love you all very much. Thank you.


  1. Praise GOD! We are SO very happy that there is NO sign of cancer and that medications (pills) are down so very much. This is just FABULOUS news!!!!! All of it!!
    Looking forward to hanging out with you guys one of these days soon!!
    Big hugs,
    Beth and Rob

    Comment by Rob and Beth — April 4, 2010 @ 8:38 am

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